TOUR Walaa's Mission

To assure a consistent and quality service of all products we offer to our customers and to focus on the key strategic influence for the business to work towards progressive growth & profitability by meeting the aspirations of all our stake holders by ensuring the development of a devoted, dedicated, efficient work force with an intellect.

TOUR Walaa's Aim & Vision

Our aim is to continue to build on our reputation for quality & service in all what we do from start to finish. Whichever one of our business a customer chooses, we have one single common objective: complete satisfaction, excellence and value to continue to grow our reputation and ultimately; success. As an entrepreneur, we like to think big and aim high with Clair vision wide open by putting our customer relationship and satisfaction first. Through adhering to this vision, we continue being a new entrant in the highly competitive market and become the leaders in our niche product offering of adventure, sports & honey moon travel destinations in Pakistan and to diversify into other leisure/exotic activities internationally and within the country.

TOUR Walaa's Story

Our story outlines and explains what “TOUR WALAA” exclusively offers to you, our customer. “TOUR WALAA” was started by Osama Kardar, with a flair to deliver and do the difficult to make it easy with one vision: Make Travelling Fun & Easy. We firmly believe that it is the principles of a company, our company, which separates us and differentiates us from everyone else. We are the only company to offer Deer Hunting packages, Ferrari & Lamborghini packages and moreover all sports events tickets sellers with a first class experience in all our services.

TOUR Walaa's Promise

We promise to go above and beyond our clients expectations. We promise that we are committed to the notion that quality matters and will never stop striving for perfection. We promise to stand behind all our services. We promise to deliver to you the absolute best experience while travelling with us. We promise that our ethics exceed the highest standards in the prevailing industry.

TOUR Walaa's Expertise & Guarantee

We are experts in the Adventure, Thrill, Sports & Honeymoon packages. All of our Business partners and associates are meticulously trained in every component and detail, similar to major tour operators. We stand behind all of our services with the utmost confidence and reliability. We take the time to constantly be on the cutting edge of technology. We believe to make sure everything is always done right. We review your special requests and inquiries and double check our spade work. However; should we miss something, please be sure to contact us and hopefully will make it right. ALWAYS…

TOUR Walaa's Ethics

Our Owner, and founder, Osama Kardar, personally trains each employee. Per Kardar’s request, all employees are taught to treat every client/customer as a family member. We operate a clean environment for all our clients/customers and all our employees.